About me

Hello! I am a computer programmer. I know how to program in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Typescript. I have used Svelte and Vuejs for creating websites (but this site is actually made with markdown files). I am not as good at C/C++ and Python, but I have written programs with them. I have also experimented with Java, Rust, and Haskell, but I could not really use them in practice though Java would not be too hard to learn.

I have some experience with cybersecuity. I've done Cyberstart and participated in the 2021 National Cyber Scholarship Competition, in which I scored 21st. I also have GFACT, GPEN, and GCLD certifications from GIAC.

I am also currently looking for web development contract work. I can create responsive websites, simple web apps or prototypes. I can fix/develop existing websites, and I can also scrape websites. Contact me for more information.

Lastly, I also write blog posts here

Linkedin - Github - [email protected] - My younger brother's site

Personal Projects